• Matheuristic Solution Approaches for the Multi-Product Inventory Routing Problem with Multi-Compartment Vehicles, funded by TUBITAK 1001 Program (PI: A. Ekici, Co-PIs: O.O. Ozener, I. Yanikoglu), November 2019 – November 2022.
  • Cooperative Game Theory Approaches for Collaborative Dynamic Lot Sizing Problem, funded by TUBITAK 1001 Program (PI: O.O. Ozener, Co-PIs: B. Altan, A. Ekici), November 2018 – November 2021.


  • An Integrated Solution Approach for Inventory Routing Problem and Its Applications, funded by TUBITAK 1001 Program (PI: A. Ekici, Co-PI: O.O. Ozener), September 2015 – February 2018.
  • Improving Blood Supply Management: Collection Scheduling and Donation Tailoring, funded by TUBITAK 3501 Program (PI: O.O. Ozener, Co-PIs: E. Coban Gokturk, A. Ekici), May 2013 – April 2016.
  • Mitigating the Effects of Influenza Pandemic: Dynamic Resource Allocation Models, funded by University of Houston Small Grants Program (PI: A. Ekici), December 2010 – August 2011.
  • Workforce Planning During an Influenza Pandemic, funded  by University of Houston New Faculty Research Program (PI: A. Ekici),  January 2010 – August 2010.

Student Advising

  • Emre Cankaya, Ph.D. student (co-advised with O.O. Ozener), Spring 2017 – Current
  • Milad Elyasi, Ph.D. student (co-advised with O.O. Ozener), Fall 2017 – Current
  • Ceren Gultekin, M.Sc. student (co-advised with O.O. Ozener), Fall 2018 – Current
  • Omer Berk Olmez, M.Sc. student (co-advised with O.O. Ozener), Fall 2018 – Current
  • Ozlem Kose, Ph.D. student (co-advised with O.O. Ozener), Fall 2018 – Current
  • Hazal Bacaksiz, M.Sc. student, Graduated Fall 2018 (Current Position: Turkish Airlines; Thesis Title: Creating an Evacuation Plan during an Emergency by Coordinating Vehicles)
  • Turkay Umut Yilmaz, M.Sc. student, Graduated Spring 2018, (Current Position: Fina Enerji; Thesis Title: Routing and Inventory Loading Problem for Heterogeneous Vehicle Fleet with Compartments)
  • Murat Cal, M.Sc. student, Graduated Summer 2017, (Current Position: Expert Researcher at Tubitak Tusside; Thesis Title: Solving a Modified TSP Problem by a Greedy Heuristic for Cost Minimization)
  • Gorkem Emirhuseyinoglu, M.Sc. student, Graduated Summer 2017 (Current Position: Ph.D. Student at Iowa State University; Thesis Title: Facility Location with Supplier Selection under Quantity Discounts)
  • Emre Cankaya, M.Sc. student (co-advised with O.O. Ozener), Graduated Fall 2016, (Current Position: Ph.D. Student at Ozyegin University; Thesis Title: Transportation Planning for Relief Items Distribution during an Emergency)
  • Anand Retharekar, M.Sc. student, Graduated Spring 2011 (Current Position: Supply Chain Analyst at Cummins Incorporation; Thesis Title: Multiple Agents Maximum Collection Problem with Time Dependent Rewards)
  • Azadeh Mobasher, Ph.D. student, Graduated Spring 2013 (Current Position: Science Analyst at Manhattan Associates; Thesis Title: Heuristics for the Cutting Stock with Setup Cost and Blood Collection Problems)