Bahar Basim
Dr.G. Bahar Basim (Associate Professor)

University of Florida, Gainesville,FL
Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering
Intel Corporations,Santa Clara,CA,USA
Senior Process Engineer, Intel California Technology Manufacturing/Planar Group
Texas Instrument,Dallas,TX,USA
Process Integration, Analog Technology Development, Member Group Technical Staff

Research Interests

Dr. Basim received her Ph.D. in Materials Science and engineering from University of Florida in 2002 with specializations in particle science and technology and electronic materials. Her research interests extend within the applications of surface chemistry from mining and mineral processing to microelectronics manufacturing. Some examples of her prior projects are dewatering of fine coal products with novel surfactants and industrial byproducts, and slurry design for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) process, which is used extensively in semiconductor wafer fabrication. Dr. Basim’s dissertation was supported by National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center for Particle Science and Technology. Post graduation she has worked as a process and integration engineer for Intel Corporation in Santa Clara CA where she contributed to CMP process development and integrated defectivity reduction in semiconductor manufacturing. Dr. Basim joined Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX in 2005 and worked for Analog Technology Development on non-volatile memory product development and process integration of ferroelectric memory devices. She served as Group Member of Technical Staff and a member of Women Initiative Network steering team. Dr. Basim has numerous publications, presentations and intellectual property disclosures in her area of expertise. She joined Ozyegin University Mechanical Engineering Department as an assistant professor in September, 2009. She is awarded European Commision Marie Curie International Reintegration Grant on January 2010 for her project entitled “Nano-Scale Protective Oxide Films for Semiconductor Applications & Beyond” ( Her ongoing research interests concentrate on nano-bio interfaces and ultrathin films and enhanced characterization of colloidal and particulate systems.

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