Open Positions

The OZU MEMS Research Group welcomes graduate students from both Turkey and the region. Candidates should have following requirements:

  • Have a background either in Biomedical or Electronics Engineering
  • Have a degree from a well-known institution *
  • Minimum GPA =  3.2 / 4
  • Have strong knowledges in: Analog Circuit Design, MATLAB (and C) Programming, Control Systems, Ultrasound Basics, Micro controllers, RF Circuit Design, PSPICE (Multisim or etc.), Basic of MEMS and its applications.

* Specially for Iranian students, only alumni from state universities are preferred.

Important Note: You should send your official Transcripts, Diploma and CV to head of the group, Prof. Goksenin Yaralioglu. Due to the large number of applications, we are not able to reply all. We will contact you only if we need to know more information.