I am an associate professor of Computer Science at Ozyegin University. Before joining to Ozyegin University in 2012, I worked as a post-doctoral research fellow in Computing Science at the University of Aberdeen. I received my PhD degree in Computer Engineering at Bogazici University in August 2008.

My doctoral dissertation was conducted under the supervision of Dr. Pinar Yolum, and focuses on context-aware service selection in open and distributed systems. While existing approaches for trust/reputation are mostly based on plain ratings, I have proposed to use semantic description of consumers’ past experiences with service providers to evaluate trustworthiness and reputation of service providers in e-commerce settings. I have combined Semantic Web and Machine Learning to allow successful service selection under deception, subjectivity, and ontology evolution. Results of my research have been published in reputable journals (i.e., IEEE TKDE, JAAMAS, Computational Intelligence, WWWJ, and EAAI) and highly ranked conferences (e.g., AAMAS, ECAI, AAAI, and so on).

During my postdoctoral studies at University of Aberdeen, I worked with Prof. Timothy J. Norman and Dr. Wamberto Vasconcelos. I participated in three projects funded by International Technology Alliance (ITA), which is a research program initiated by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the US Army Research Laboratory (ARL) with participants from academia, industry, and governments in UK and US. I closely collaborated with researchers from institutions such as CMU, IBM, University of Cardiff, UCLA, DSTL, and ARL. My research focused on knowledge representation/reasoning, policies/norms, and agent support for humans, querying over distributed data networks, information security, obfuscation, and trust. I have developed hybrid reasoning approaches for resource-task matchmaking, a semantic language for policy representation and reasoning (e.g., conflict detection and resolution), and intelligent software agents to support human planning. Results of my research have been accepted for publication in highly reputable conferences (e.g., AAMAS, ISWC, and so on) and journals (i.e., JAAMAS, JWS, ESWA, and Computer Journal).

Since September 2012, I am a faculty of Computer Science at Ozyegin University. My recent projects are focused on Information Fusion, Trust Modelling, and Policy Representation/Reasoning for IoT. My research is supported by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) and International Technology Center (ITC) of US Army Research Lab.

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