Co-founder of Hyperion Technologies (Turkey’s first R&D company specialized in optical wireless communication technologies), February 2017 – …


[P4] “A Relay-Assisted Visible Light Communication System”
Inventors: M. Uysal, R. C. Kizilirmak, M. Abdallah, O. Narmanlioglu, K. Qaraqe
Assignee: Qatar Foundation For Education, Science And Community Development
International application no: PCT/GB2017/050135, Filing date: January 19, 2017, Publication no: WO2017125747 A1
[P3] “Adaptive Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) Optical Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (O-OFDM) Based Visible Light Communication”
Inventors: M. Uysal, O. Narmanlioglu, T. Baykas, R. C. Kizilirmak
Assignee: Ozyegin University
US application no: US 15/398,197, Filing date: January 4, 2017, Publication no: US20170201321 A1
[P2] “Random Network Coding in Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) Networks Using Control Signaling”
Inventors: M. Uysal, Z. G. Karabulut Kurt, S. Tedik Basaran, I. Altunbas
Assignee: Ozyegin University and Istanbul Technical University
International application no: PCT/TR2016/050410, Filing date: October 31, 2016, Publication no: WO2017091177 A1
[P1] “Communication Between Vehicles of A Platoon”
Inventors: M. Uysal, S. Erkucuk, O. Narmanlioglu
Assignee: Ozyegin University and Kadir Has University
International application no: PCT/TR2015/050266, Filing date: December 25, 2015, Publication no: WO2017111717 A1
US patent application no: US 14/902,235, Filing date: December 25, 2015, Publication no: US20170186327 A1

Standard Contributions

[S-4] M. Uysal, O. Narmanlioglu, T. Baykas and R. C. Kizilirmak, “Adaptive MIMO OFDM PHY Proposal for IEEE802.15.7r1“, doc: IEEE 802.15.7r1/2016/8r2, January 2016.
[S-3] M. Uysal, R. C. Kizilirmak, M. Abdallah, O. Narmanlioglu, K. Qaraqe and T. Baykas, “PHY proposal with relaying support for IEEE 802.15.7r1“, doc: IEEE 802.15.7r1/2016/20r1, January 2016.
[S-2] M. Kashef, M. Abdallah, K. Qaraqe and M. Uysal, “Coordinated Interference Management for IEEE802.15.7r1“, doc: IEEE802.15.7r1/2016/22r1, January 2016.
[S-1] M. Uysal, T. Baykas, F. Miramirkhani, N. Serafimovski, and V. Jungnickel, “TG7r1 Channel Model Document for High-Rate PD Communications”, doc: IEEE 802.15.7r1/2015/746r1, September 2015.
Note: Channel impulse responses (CIRs) discussed in the above document were selected as “IEEE 802.15.7r1 Reference Channel Models”. These channel models allow a fair comparison of different physical layer proposals submitted to TG7r1 in response to the Call for Proposals. They are available for public use. A zip file with instructions can be found here. Further information on channel modeling method can be found in the following documents:
- M. Uysal, F. Miramirkhani, T. Baykas, N. Serafimovski, and V. Jungnickel, “LiFi Channel Models: Office, Home and Manufacturing Cell”, doc: IEEE 802.15.7r1/2015/685r0, September 2015.
- M. Uysal and F. Miramirkhani, “Channel Modeling for Visible Light Communications”, doc: IEEE 802.15.7r1/0352r2, May 2015.