The Tenth International Automated Negotiating Agent Competition (ANAC 2019)


Held at IJCAI 2019 in Macao, China, August 2019 as part of the IJCAI competition track.

Motivation, impact, and expected outcomes

The Automated Negotiating Agent Competition (ANAC) is an international tournament that has been running since 2010 to bring together researchers from the automated negotiation, multi-agent, and human-agent communities. ANAC provides a unique benchmark for evaluating practical negotiation strategies in multi-issue domains. The previous competitions have spawned novel research in AI in the field of autonomous agent design which are available to the wider research community.

This year, we introduce five different negotiation research challenges:

We expect innovative and novel agent strategies will be developed for ANAC2019. After the competition, submitted agents will be made available to the negotiation community as part of a negotiating agent repository within the aforementioned frameworks.

We invite innovative and novel agent strategies to compete in ANAC 2019. After the competition, submitted agents will be made available to the negotiation research community as part of a negotiating agent repository within the aforementioned frameworks. Both Genius and all agents thus submitted will fall under the GNU license agreement GPL version 3.

References on ANAC

Several papers have been published about the setup and results of previous ANAC competitions:


Main Organising Committee:


  • Dr. Reyhan Aydogan, Ozyegin University & Delft University of Technology

  • Dr. Tim Baarslag, Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI)

  • Prof. Dr. Katsuhide Fujita, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

  • Prof. Dr. Catholijn Jonker, Delft University of Technology



Website URL

For more details, please visit the competition webpage :

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