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A Second Grant from Argela

Posted by Oguz February - 3 - 2011

A second grant has been received from Argela to work on “Interference Management for Femtocell Network.” This project will also host 1 M.Sc. student. As with the first project, the prospective student will have the chance to work closely with the researchers at Argela and the research outcome will potentially impact Argela‚Äôs Femtocell design. Scholarships will be provided. The scholarship levels are highly competitive and will be based on the  [ Read More ]

The Peer-to-Peer Invasion

Posted by Oguz August - 3 - 2010

Here is an article from the last IETF Journal (vol. 6, no. 1, June 2010) http://www.isoc.org/tools/blogs/ietfjournal/?p=1746