Dr. G. Güven Yapıcı 

Güney Güven Yapıcı
Dr. Yapıcı is the principal investigator of MEMFIS at Ozyegin University. After finishing undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering at Bogazici University, he moved to U.S. and received his doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University in 2007. During graduate studies, Dr. Yapıcı focused on the fabrication and microstructural design of advanced materials via severe plastic deformation techniques. His research interests lie in the area of processing-microstructure-property relationships of structural and smart materials through experimental investigation and computational modeling of the material behavior at micro and nano scale. Design for manufacturing and product development methodologies are his other interest areas. Dr. Yapıcı conducted studies on crystal plasticity modeling at the Materials Science and Technology division of Los Alamos National Laboratory. Before joining academia, he held research and engineering positions in energy industry specializing in the design of actuation systems for high technology downhole tools in extreme conditions. He authored several publications in peer-reviewed journals and presented at numerous international symposia.


Görkem Şimşek

Görkem joined our group in 2014 for pursuing his doctorate. He received his M.Sc. from Mechanical Engineering Department, Mersin University in 2013. His areas of interests are biomaterials, smart materials, characterization-mechanical behavior relations.

Salar Salahi


Salar received his B.Sc. at University of Tabriz. He joined MEMFIS in 2014. His main areas of research are severe plastic deformation and ultrafine-grained materials. He is currently working on developing high strength magnesium alloys.

Ali Hosseinzadeh

ali h

Ali received his B.Sc. at University of Tabriz in 2013. He is working towards his M.Sc. at Ozyegin University and is mainly interested in mechanical properties of light alloys and Metal Matrix Composites. His current work at MEMFIS is on friction stir processing of light alloys.

Onur Bilgin


Onur received his B.Sc. in Manufacturing Engineering at Istanbul Technical University. He joined MEMFIS in 2016 working towards his M.Sc. His main areas of interests are micro-manufacturing, fatigue and wear behavior of advanced materials.






Seyedvahid Sajjadifar
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Vahid received his M.Sc. from Amirkabir University of Technology. He joined MEMFIS for pursuing Ph.D. in the area of severe plastic deformation. Vahid graduated in Spring 2017 with his work on the high temperature mechanical behavior.


Ali Vahidyeganeh
Ali received his B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering at University of Tehran. He graduated with an M.Sc. degree in Fall 2016 with his work on developing biomedical tools with smart actuators.


Kambiz Shojaei
kambiz shojai 670718

Kambiz received his B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering at Azad University, Tehran. He graduated with an M.Sc. degree in Fall 2015 with his work on the mechanical properties of advanced high strength aluminum alloys.

Mostafa Motahari

mostafa motahari
Mostafa received his B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering at University of Tehran. He is working on high strain rate deformation of light alloys.



Ahmet Eren Kilic

Ahmet is a Junior Mechanical Engineering student. Graduated from Saint-Joseph French high school in 2009. Ahmet graduated in Spring 2016.


Ege Gumus

After graduating from Robert College in 2010, Ege started studying Mechanical Engineering at OzU. His research in MEMFIS was on the investigation of mechanical properties of polymers with different additive manufacturing techniques.


Can Necefbas
Can graduated from Robert College in 2010. He  contributed to our activities during Spring and Fall 2012.

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